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Harrison Mandolin Strap


Hand Tooled Leather, F-5 Style, Made in U.S.A., New, Vintage Brown or Black


Here we have a Genuine Harrison Mandolin Strap, designed with the musician in mind, carefully crafted, by hand! Made in the U.S.A!
These straps are hand cut from the finest leather. Hand tooled… Hand Antique Finish…. Hand Stitched… Simply The Best!

If there is a special mandolin player you know (or are!) this might be the perfect Christmas present. I was not familiar with Mr. Harrison until he called me out of the blue one day looking for a Cumberland Acoustic Mandolin Bridge, which is something we make. We worked out a trade and I got some of his awesome straps in a trade deal. I was blown away! Like many of you, I have been searching for the “perfect” mandolin strap for years. Well, my friends, I feel I have found it. Hopefully, you will feel the same way!

Now for some specifications…

These straps have an overall length of about 48″, with endpin slots/holes at approximately 41″, 43″, 45″, and 47″. They are a comfortable 3/4″ wide and about 3/32″ thick. These straps are very smooth and supple, not stiff at all. They can wind up into a fairly tight circle for storing in your case with no problem at all. Even the inside of the strap has a nice smooth, burnished finish to it. This is a very well-thought-out mandolin strap.

Notice from the pictures that there is a loop at one end of this strap. This is the classic strap mounting method for F-style mandolins that have a scroll on the body. This is the type of mandolin this strap was designed for. Mr. Harrison also hand stamps a serial number into each strap that he makes (see picture) so each and every strap he makes is unique!

Just because someone is bound to ask… NO mandolin is included in this listing. Just this top-quality, U.S.-made mandolin strap that I have been telling you about. Isn’t that enough!?!

Oh, one last thing… I recently got more of these awesome straps in stock. I even got a couple of BLACK ones this time around. If you are more interested in a black strap, just let me know when you place your order. Also, I can send you pictures if you like. Brown or black, you can’t go wrong with a Harrison Mandolin Strap!

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