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Block Mold



Designed for use with cold process or hot process soap.  Our products are not well suited for Melt & Pour soap.

This is a block mold that holds 12-15 lbs of soap. It makes this part of the soap-making process a breeze. The mold itself is made of HDPE plastic- a material that soap does not readily stick and has a plywood base. The front of the mold comes off, and the cured soap can then be taken out of the mold on the removable plastic tray, and set out to dry, or cut into logs or bars.

Some recipes of soap don’t require any lining of the mold.  However,  we always send a re-useable liner for the bottom, and highly recommend that you use it! A mylar sheet on top will insure that there is very little or no soda ash formation. This essentially produces a block with no wasted soap.

Using this mold and our cutters, the whole un-molding/cutting process can be done in minutes rather than hours of frustration. Your resulting bars of soap will be consistent, your labels will fit, and your soap will fit into your boxes! Although your soap business may be small, that doesn’t mean that your product can’t look professional!

Specifications: 12″ x 13″ x 2-7/8″ high.

Please notice that the listed Shipping and handling: approx. $22.50 domestic US).


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