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Adjustable Multi-Cutter, Adjustable Soap Cutter


Wire Cutter that can be adjusted to cut soap bars of varying thickness.


Click here for the “Changing the Wires” Video   

The Adjustable Multi-Cutter, AKA Adjustable Soap Cutter, is our newest Soap Tool and we are pretty excited about it.  It is a wire cutter that can be set up to cut bars as thin or thick as you want. Set it up to cut 1″ thick bars today. Tomorrow set it up to cut 1-1/4″ bars, and the next day little 1/2″ sample bars. Who knew this could be so easy and so adaptable!

This amazing soap tool consists of a wooden base with two pivoting handles. The wires can be set to cut soap of almost any thickness in 1/4″ intervals. The tension is adjustable, and a wire tightening tool is, of course, included.  You can even use a guitar tuner to get the wires to all be the same tension, and sing in the same note!  The cutter comes set up with one inch spacing, unless you specify otherwise.  We also include an ample supply of wire for setting your cutter up in different configurations. 

There is a stop block set up to make the cutting process quick and accurate every time.  Just to be fair, this soap tool was designed and built so the stop block can be positioned for right or left handed soap makers. (We were thinking of you, Lefties.)

All of our soap tools have been designed to last for many years.  We use hard rock maple and European Birch Plywood, HDPE, and all pivot points have their own oil impregnated bronze bearings to insure your tools will be cutting perfectly until the cows come home.  Or until pigs fly.

Our cutters have been designed  to cut only COLD PROCESS OR HOT PROCESS SOAP.  Wire cutters will not cut Melt & Pour (glycerin) soap.  The cutter can accommodate logs up to about 4″ wide, and any length.

Additional options include a Table Extender (featured left in the photo) and a Handle Extender (featured on the right in the photo). The Table Extender is an option used to support the end of extra long logs. The Handle Extender is used when the cutter is set up to cut very narrow bars, there is a possibility of cutting more than ten bars at once.  The Handle Extender can be added to give extra leverage and make the cut easier.  It comes with hardware and instructions for assembly. The prices below give the option for neither, one, or the other, or both.

Made with domestic hardwoods, and European birch plywood. It measures 10″ x 12″ x 6″ high.

Please note shipping is $29.00.


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