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Air Mold



This mold is perfect for people who struggle with lifting heavy block molds, but still want to make soap in quantities.  It is made of 2″ PVC, and holds about 24 oz of soap, so it’s perfect for sample batches, wedding or “Bed and Breakfast” soaps, just a small batch, or that little bit of extra soap you have left over.

It is simple to use. Just place the “silicone gasket” into the bottom, oil the inside of the mold with the handy oil applicator, pour in your cold process soap after it traces and let it sit for a day or two. When you’re ready to unmold it, hook it up to a standing bike pump. A couple of pumps on the handle, and the soap floats out! No lining the mold! It is incredible to see, and a real joy to use.

These soap tools are made for the soap maker who wants to streamline the molding and cutting process. They are professional tools, made to last in production use. They are cleanable and made with high quality materials. We have designed these tools to assist in the making and production of cold or hot process soap. They are not well suited for “Melt & Pour” soap making. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for soap tools that are purchased and used for hot or cold process soap making.

Please notice that the listed shipping prices for each item are for Domestic (U.S.) sales only. Since shipping prices and methods vary widely for different International destinations, please contact us either before or after your purchase, so we can modify shipping prices according to your particular destination.


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