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Armrests- Mandola



Here is a relatively new offering from the fertile minds at Cumberland Acoustic! This armrest is designed especially for instruments in the Mandola family. Size-wise, they fall right between our smaller Mandolin Armrest and our larger Octave Mandolin Armrest. The outer curvature of this Mandola Armrest has been designed with the average outer curvature of a Mandola. They measure about 3/8″ thick X about 1-5/8″ wide X about 3-3/4″ long.

These armrests are finely crafted from ebony, rosewood, or figured maple. Once in place, they will help protect your mandola from sweat and “finish wear” that might occur from your forearm rubbing against the instrument as you play. You might even find that your tone and volume are enhanced, as your forearm will no longer “deaden” the vibrations from the top of your instrument. Both the armrest and the clamp have a narrow layer of cork or leather to protect your finish. This product comes with an adjusting tool to snugly fit the armrest to your mandolin.

When ordering your Mandola Armrest, please specify the thickness of your particular instrument so we can ship your armrest with the proper size hardware to accommodate your particular mandola. The most common dimensions here will likely range from 2″ to 2-1/2″ or so.

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