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Mandolin String Winder



This string winder has been designed and built specifically to work with tuners on just about any mandolin family (mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, etc) instrument. Its smaller size and cup shape fit most tuner knobs and it is small enough so that it doesn’t interfere with adjacent tuner knobs. This winder is FAR better than trying to use a guitar string winder to get the job done!

This winder is a handy tool to have, as it cuts down the time required to change strings on your mandolin family instrument. The pocket that comes into contact with the tuner knobs is the perfect size for mandolin tuner knobs. Also, the pocket on the crank has felt padding at the bottom of it to protect your tuner knobs. The depth of this pocket is cut at a depth so that the winder will not scratch or otherwise damage the edge of your headstock.

These String Winders are made from finished Figured Maple. Save your fingers, and protect the tuner knobs and headstock of your valuable instrument. Get this elegant winder today!

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