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Abbreviated A Pickguard



Would you like a pickguard for your mandolin? Does a full sized guard seem too big? Worried about scratching the top of your valuable mandolin? This pickguard may be just what you are looking for.

Made from tortoise colored celluloid, this pickguard is the real deal. It is fully bound with either ivoriod-black-ivoroid, or just ivoroid celluloid binding material. The surface has been polished to a high luster. The back face includes an acrylic backing and a strip of ebony along the straight edge, for added strength and stability.

So, if you have been considering a pickguard for your mandolin, this Abbreviated A-Style Pickguard is an excellent choice. Its small size makes it look great on the mandolin, while protecting the most vulnerable part of the instrument from unwanted pick wear. The added advantage is that a smaller pickguard covers less of the treble hole, which can only help the tone and volume of the mandolin.


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