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James Mandolin/Mandola Tailpiece



Here we have what could quite possibly be the best mandolin-oriented invention to come along since the early 1920’s! This cleverly designed and well built mandolin tailpiece combines a traditional look and feel with modern manufacturing techniques and modern conveniences! Many thanks to Mr. James for creating this fantastic tailpiece!

There are several innovations that make this James tailpiece something special. The cover is hinged and never leaves the instrument. No more lost or misplaced covers! A slight pressure is all that’s required to open or securely close the cover. In addition, when the cover is closed, the strings and cover are fully dampened from undesirable vibration.

String changing is easier with this tailpiece too, as the cover can be closed each time you add a string, keeping it from jumping off of its mounting tab, as often happens with other tailpieces. If you have changed very many mandolin strings, you will know that this feature in itself is a welcome one.

A handsome and traditional “stitch” pattern is engraved on the satin-finished cover. All necessary mounting hardware, along with easy to follow instructions are included with this classy tailpiece.

This tailpiece is an excellent choice for new builds, and also a great way to go if you need to change your old, loose, rattling stamped metal tailpiece. For ease of mounting, the screw and end pin hole pattern has been designed to work on most mandolins.

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