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  1. CA-web-home-Rotator-02           FAQ- Mandolin Bridges                                      What do you call the parts of the Mandolin Bridge?
    We call the bottom part of our bridge the Base. We call the top part the Saddle.
  2. What are the options for the Base?
    Our Standard Bridge Base is machined with the traditional gap on the bottom edge of the Base.  The Full Contact Option will give you a Base that does not have this gap.
  3. What is a Patent Stamp and why would I order one?
    The Patent Stamp Option is usually for customers that will be putting this bridge on a vintage instrument, as this replicates bridges that were stamped this way in the early 1900’s.
  4. What is the difference between a Standard, Tall Boy and a Low Boy Saddle?The Standard Bridge measures ¾” tall, when measured at the center of the bridge, from the top of the mandolin to the top of the Bridge Saddle.   Tall Boy Saddles are approximately .100″ taller than our Standard Saddle.  Low Boy Saddles are approximately .100″ lower. If you are ordering one of our bridges to replace your current one, it is a good idea to measure the height of your current bridge, and order accordingly. If you have special requirements, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
  5. Why would I need a Radiused Saddle?
    If your mandolin has a radiused fretboard, you should choose one of the Radiused Saddle Options. The 12″ Radius is by far the most popular of the two. We originally developed the 10″radius for Rigel Mandolins, but some small builders also use this size radius. Once again, contact us if you are not sure.
  6. I am left handed, but my mandolin is not. Do I need a Lefty Saddle?
    If you are left-handed and you have a Lefty mandolin, you will be pleased to know we offer a Left-Cut Mandolin Bridge Saddle that we call a Lefty Saddle. You will find it in the Options.
  7. How do I know if I need string slotting?
    We offer string slotting as an option.  If you don’t have proper slotting tools we can slot your saddle for you.
  8. Can I  put my new bridge on my mandolin myself?
    A Mandolin Bridge needs to fit the top of your mandolin very closely.  We make our Bridges to nearly fit most mandolins.  However, the underside of the bridge base still needs to be sanded to properly fit your mandolin.  A competent luthier can do this job, or you can buy our newest product- The Bridge Fitting Fixture.  With this tool,  you can now fit your new bridge to your instrument like a pro.

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